Matter of Opinion Monday: The Flash Movie Directed by the Lego Movie Alum: How perfect can you get?!?!

It Was as if a million fans cried out at once.
The Flash #1 of the New 52 line of comics. Hopefully this speaks to the kind of flash we will see in a movie!

A rumor has been confirmed by Deadline that the upcoming cinematic presentation of the crimson speedster is to be directed by The Lego Movie team of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

If you happened to have the distinct honor of seeing the Lego Movie, or caught 21 Jump Street, you know that these directors can bring levity while emphasizing the depth of story needed to make you care about the cast of characters.

The Flash needed these two, he is and will always be a great guy. The depth of his character is only enhanced by his light hearted attitude.

We wanted to show the following clips to give you an idea of why The Flash Movie needs the spirit of The Lego Movie tied in. Barry is a great guy! From being really invested in his relationships and friendships, we also see a deep concern for all of humanity. The Television show on the CW has done an amazing job in portraying his character, so there is reason to think DC will do this movie correctly!

Needless to say we are so excited in light of this announcement.


Below we know the Justice League Unlimited Episode contained Wally West, but pre-2011, they were very similar in personality.

Below: (Scene from justice League UNLIMITED tv show)

The Flash helps his villains: Instead of hurting trickster, he consoles the information out of him. He is showing himself as a great guy.


Orion sees the Flash as he truly is, but Wally sets him straight on how the world should be seen!

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