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Why your meme sucks… “Johnny-Tech Reviews” Pic Monkey: The way of the future (even the free edition)

Good day collectors!

I have recently come across a website I really needed to share. To all of the social media advisers and techies this may be old news, but I continue to get asked by the internet where I make memes and turn my pictures into artistic pieces. I have found a website that is fast and reliable while also being quite good.

Constant Collectible review of Pic Monkey
Constant Collectible review of Pic Monkey

PicMonkey is a whimsical company that has created software to feel as though you are goofing off. Just look at this short bio of the leader of this company to see their sense of humor! As you create images, you will see things such as the loading bar speaking like a robot (by saying beep boop beep) along with a myriad of other fun jokes.

I emphasize this aspect of who they are to give you a better understanding of the program’s flexibility and quickness. I wanted to create a “90’s skater look” to a picture I took with my phone, and in two click, I had the image above!

In use, this system feels human. In the free version, you can crop, rotate the image, change the exposure, colors, size and even how sharp the image appears. While these are all traditional functions of other image software, this free version also allows you to access image touch up features, full preset image effects, frame, and yes, add text.

The images made on this simply look professional, and you don’t feel confined by anything. You can upload your own images as separate items. Not to say this is the perfect image program, but it is by far the best free item on the market.

SealOfApprovalThe free version is available at as well as a paid version. The above image and thecomic-like meme below were both done with the free version, so if you are creating posts for a company or just want to have fun, Pic Monkey most definitely gets the Collector’s seal!

Johnny-Tech Savage- Reviewer

Image made in a very short time on by Constant Collectible's very own Johnny Savage
Image made in a very short time on by Constant Collectible’s very own Johnny Savage


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