Today was the release of the all new Incredible Hulk In 2002 a new game was invented and it was known as HeroClix.  HeroClix was originally released upon the comic book fans and brought a new spin on the old D&D style gaming.  Wizkids released their first set of Clix known as the  Marvel Infinity Challenge and all HeroClix at the time were based on Marvel superheros, but would soon expanded into DC Comics and independent publishers such as Image and Dark Horse Comics.

The expansions won three awards at the 2002 Origins Awards including Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Game Board Game for Marvel HeroClix: Infinity Challenge. unfortunately a year later they were sold to the Topps Company and Five years later it was announced that Topps will stop production on all products.

Wizkids bounced around in limbo with an interest from several companies and it was NECA or The National Entertainment Collectibles Association picked up majority of Wizkids Property.

Over the years there has been many sets released and here is a list of those sets.


  • Hypertime (released September 2002-retired July 2006)
  • Cosmic Justice (released June 2003-retired July 2006)
  • Unleashed (released March 2004-retired July 2006)
  • Legacy (released March 2005-retired)
  • Icons (released September 2005-retired)
  • Collateral Damage (released February 2006 – retired)
  • Giants (released 2006 – retired)
  • Green Lantern Corps (retired 2010)
  • Origin (released February 2007 – retired 2010)
  • Legion of Superheroes (retired 2010)
  • Justice League (released September 2007)
  • Spectre
  • Starro (released 2008)
  • Crisis (originally Teen Titans) (released February 2008)
  • Batman : Alpha (released June 2008) Batman Alpha is a separate game from standard Heroclix, but the figures are legal in normal HeroClix play. The colors on the dials take precedence over the card descriptions, with only the theme team names and point values on the cards being used in standard Heroclix.
  • Arkham Asylum (released October 2008)
  • Brave and the Bold (released April 14, 2010)
  • The Blackest Night Starter Set (released by NECA June 9, 2010.)
  • Jonah Hex Battle Pack (released July 2010)
  • The Watchmen Collecter’s Set (released August 25, 2010)
  • The Brightest Day Action Pack (released October 27, 2010)
  • DC 75th Anniversary Set Features the best of the DC characters and special tie-ins to the Brightest Day event. (released December, 15, 2010).
  • “Green Lantern” (Gravity Feed, companion to Green Lantern Fast Forces set, May 2011)
  • Superman featuring Flashpoint (September 2011)


  • Indy (released October 2003-retired September 2005)
  • City of Heroes (limited edition figures)
  • City of Villains (limited edition figures)
  • Invincible (boxed set)
  • The BPRD and Hellboy (boxed set)


  • Infinity Challenge (released May 2002-retired June 2004)
  • Clobberin’ Time (released November 2002-retired December 2004)
  • Xplosion (released March 2003-retired December 2004)
  • Critical Mass (released December 2003-retired September 2005)
  • Universe (released May 2004-retired July 2006)
  • Ultimates (released June 2004-retired July 2006)
  • Mutant Mayhem (released November 2004-retired)
  • Fantastic Forces (released July 2005-retired)
  • Armor Wars (released November 2005)
  • Danger Room (released June 2006)
  • Sinister (released June 2006)
  • Supernova (released November 2006)
  • Days of Future Past (released November 2006)
  • 2099 (released December 2006)
  • Avengers (released June 2007)
  • Mutations and Monsters (released November 2007)
  • Secret Invasion (released July 2008)
    • Fantastic Four (Starter Set, released as part of the ‘Secret Invasion’ series)
  • Hammer of Thor (Initial piece – Thor’s Mighty Chariot – released at San Diego Comic-Con August 2009; full release by NECA on November 18, 2009)
  • Web of Spider-Man” (released September 2010)
  • Giant-Size X-Men” (released March 2011)
  • Captain America (released July 13, 2011)
  • Captain America(Gravity Feed, released June 2011)
  • Galactus (2 versions)
  • Fin Fang Foom (3 versions)
  • Hammer of Thor Warriors of Asgard (Fast Forces, released July 2011)
  • Hulk (Full set, Micro set, and Fast Forces, released December 2011)
  • Galactic Guardians (March 2012)
  • Mighty Avengers (June 2012)- Which of course is to tie-in to the New Avengers Movie.

HeroClix have expanded into the world of Halo, Street Fighter and Lord of the Rings.  HeroClix has also created a huge following with tournaments held all over the world at conventions, meeting halls, comic book stores and in homes of friends.

For more information on HeroClix or for the curiosity of it I have added the following links:





By: Simon J.

Constant Collectible

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